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Welcome to Ray's Blog

Recently launched, the aim here is to explore issues around software, design, platforms and the Web.

Beyond the words on the page, let's examine the software behind the words. I built, or rather, hastily assembled, the software on this site. The code is cobbled together from various open-source projects, plus my own contributions. Written in Python, it runs on Google App Engine (GAE). The software may change as we explore other cloud-based development platforms (Bungee, Heroku, etc). Right now it's all a big bucket of moving parts.

The blog-commenting facility is still being built. Soon, I will have a general-purpose mailto here.

Tue, 22 Jul 2008 23:39 UTC

OK, Microphone Is On

Welcome, gentle reader, to this blog

So what's this blog about, and why now?

This is the latest iteration of my blogging endeavors. I've had other attempts over the years. Some public, and others private. Some motivated by genuine bursts of enthusiasm that later faded. Others were simple testing of the waters for services I wanted to explore, like Squarespace, Tumblr, Textpattern and Vox. One started in 2003 is still running on a server on my internal network. It shows up on ...